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Belt Guards

Belt Guards

High quality steel and paint is used by skilled craftsmen to create safety yellow colored guards that help to provide a safe working environment to the end user.
Note: Custom guards available
Gear Reducer

Gear Reducer

Reducers of various manufacturers are available.

Our reducers offer twin tapered mounting to the driven shaft. This eliminates support structures, chain, sprocket and coupling. Our gear reducers offer simple installation and motor alignment. The gear tooth design with extended gear centers offers five higher torque/hp ratings. They offer flexibility to change output speed with an efficiency rating of 98.5% per gear stage. They offer twin-tapered bushings with a wide range of sizes. Our gear reducers have a heavy duty tapered roller bearing throughout for dependable long service life. They are 100% factory tested and meet or exceed AGMA standards.

Stephens can supply recucers to fit most any application.


We have a 2 year warranty on our electric motors and an experienced inside customer service staff. We have all safety and quality assurance accreditations for the U.S. and the international market. Our motors have large metal nameplates with easy to read wiring diagrams and a removable bolt-on, bolt-off base. All ratings are totally enclosed fan cooled with a steel fan cover. The shaft slinger keeps moisture and contaminants from the drive end bearing. We have rolled steel frames that are powder coated for superior chip and corrosion resistance and a large easy to wire junction box with rubber gasket. There is a standard NEMA “T” frame (available with C-flange and D-flange motors). Our industrial 3-PH motors are high efficiency, CSA ...